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A message from Steve Gotschi, owner of DryHome Roofing & Siding and founder of FinishLyme (formerly Loudoun Lyme 5K):

It all started in August 2007 when my wife at the time Reagan,  began complaining about her hands and arms becoming numb and tingly while driving.  I told her she probably had a pinched nerve and that in time, it would subside.  How wrong I was…

Almost four years, 10 doctors and nearly 30 medications/treatments later, Reagan is battling Lyme disease.

In just one year, Reagan has seen 6 doctors including a primary care, ear, nose and throat specialist, orthopedist, gynecologist, rheumatologist and cardiologist.  She has had 2 surgeries, been to the ER several times and has undergone dozens of tests.  No one knew what was wrong with her.  She had a negative Lyme test and was told she had fibromyalgia and anxiety.  This diagnosis did not sit well with her so she started her own research on the internet and found that Lyme disease could be the basis of all her specific symptoms which included memory loss, headaches, vertigo, leg and knee pain, heart palpitations and extreme fatigue.  Reagan asked to be retested.

The results showed a “low positive” for Lyme disease and Reagan was told this “will be gone in no time with a few months of antibiotics”.  After the few months passed, she was no better.  She was then referred to an infectious disease doctor who said “you just need a few more months of antibiotics and time to heal”.  The healing never happened.  Instead Reagan continued on the Lyme disease roller coaster; some days she was good but there were others that she felt so horrible that she could barely get up from the couch.  She kept pressing her doctor about being tested for co-infections which are typical for Lyme disease patients.  He responded by saying, “I don’t think you have any, you are not sick enough”.

Two years of antibiotics, countless other medicines and treatments including acupuncture, holistic methods and additional tests Reagan was no better.  A new doctor and new tests show she does have chronic Lyme disease and co-infections of Bartonella and Babesia.  She has been prescribed a detailed regimen which includes holistic products as a means of strengthening her immune system and a protocol that will hopefully get Reagan back to her normal active self.  We now have a glimmer of hope in fighting this disease.

Since going through this journey with her, I have heard very similar stories from friends and customers.  Lyme disease in Northern Virginia has become an epidemic.  I am hoping through the efforts of FinishLyme we can raise money to help educate the public about Lyme disease, its symptoms, possible treatments and prevention.