We are pleased to announce…..

 Susan Allen is confirmed to kick-off this year’s event.  Although she is and has been Governor George Allen’s biggest supporter and advocate, she herself is a life-long public servant and has a great love of the Commonwealth.  She continues to travel the state and experience the many people and activities that make Virginia a great place to live and work.
Mrs. Allen is an avid outdoors woman.  Growing up riding horses in Albemarle County and visiting her family’s cabin in Shenandoah, Susan was made acutely aware of the dangers of disease spread by ticks in Virginia.  Part of living a healthy lifestyle includes knowing as much as possible when it comes to preventing Lyme Disease and the Loudoun Lyme 5K/1M Event will help raise awareness and funds to do just that.  Susan Allen is proud to be part of this campaign to educate the public on the symptoms and cause of Lyme Disease.
Happy to also announce Susan Allen will be participating in the 1 Mile fun run event – look for her on the course and thank her for her support!